Project Description

Automatic Discrete Analyzer Cleverchem 380

The low cost analytical instrument Cleverchem 380 can be used for a variety of research and testing.

  • 350 tests per hour
  • 119 sample positions
  • 48+1 reagent positions
  • 64 cuvette positions
  • Dynamic allocation
  • Automation of manual colorimetric
  • Cuvette made of quartz
  • Optical path 10mm
  • Measures absorbances directly in the reaction cuvettes
  • Each sample in a separate reaction cuvette
  • Automatic sampling arm
  • Automatically select the wavelength for different parameters
  • Nitrate/nitrite module(optional)
  • Integrated level sensor for waste und collect system, waste tank 25L, wash tank 20L(integrated alarm sensor)

New at Cleverchem 380 plus

  • Improved double pumps for waste water, more stable pump operation, speed up the washing(process) of cuvettes
  • New Weco pumps control system, more stable,improved washing quality of sample needles and cuvettes
  • New 8new cuvette shock resistance systems, antishock device, maximal improvement of  stability during work
  • New alarm system, once user opens the cover during work a software will send an alarm and will stop automatically in order to protect the user
  • New filter for transport of solutions, up to 4mm, to remove particles and (avoid the washing solution having negative impact the final result) or   Improve the final results.
  • PTFE mixer for better results


  • Method changeover is automatic with all the chemistry requirements / Speed test
  • No baseline stabilization, no pump tubes, no cross-contamination
  • No wasted reagents, less hazardous waste, protect the environment and reduce costs
  • Full automatic, no hardware changes from test-to-test, prepare working standards from a stock solution
  • The intelligent wash station washes the sample probe after every liquid contact to prevent cross-contamination
  • The unique Cuvette Quality Assurance system verifies the optical purity of each cuvette before each use

Application Area

Soil and fertilizer, plant nutrient solution, water quality, tobacco, wine etc.


  • Total nitrogen
  • Ammoniac
  • Phosphate / Total Phosphorus
  • Nitrate
  • Nitrite
  • Chloride
  • Sulfate
  • Silicate
  • Alkalinity
  • Hexavalent-Chromiom
  • and more…
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