Project Description


MeaChemBox- Portable water analyzer for fast and accurate on-site analysis

MeaChemBox series portable water quality analyzers can be used for rapid, accurate and reliable detection of on-site water quality indicators such as rivers, lakes, and oceans.
Its outstanding features are highly automated analysis and an analysis speed more than twice as fast as similar products, which is very suitable for on-site emergency detection and to obtain more analysis data for customers in the shortest time, greatly improving work efficiency.


  • The advanced and mature microfluidic chemical analysis technology can be used to quickly detect all the nutrient indexes of water quality.
  • Extremely low reagent and sample consumption: from 100 to 200μL in most cases.
  • Highly automated, enabling fast and smooth workflows, even for untrained users.
  • Easy to use: Only a few simple and quick steps are needed to complete the sample analysis and a simple, user-friendly software will guide the operator through all necessary steps.
  • The instrument is characterized by low power consumption, light weight, and small size. Its compact working box can be easily carried to the field and used at any time.
  • User-tested top-level components can be continuously durable used in high demand under various harsh field environments, meanwhile, operation and maintenance costs are low and the service life is long.
  • Large touch color display, sensitive touch, richer interface display data, simple and clear interface style, easy to operate.
  • U disk can export data to a computer for easy data processing and printing.
  • 12V DC power or alternatively a large-capacity built-in lithium battery can be used for more than 4 hours of continuous operation of the instrument, which is convenient for outdoor use.

Application Area

Independent testing laboratories and regulatory agencies such as marine-, water- and environmental protection, disease control systems, universities and research institutes.



  • Ammonia
  • Phosphate
  • Nitrate + nitrite
  • Nitrite nitrogen
  • Silicate
  • Total phosphorus
  • Total nitrogen
  • COD
  • BOD
  • Turbidity
  • and more…
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