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Minirhizotron Systems

DTC-MS200 Minirhizotron (MR) systems are dynamic monitoring systems for root growth inheriting the advantages of BTC-100X Minirhizotron (MR) systems.
Minirhizotron (MR) systems are a qualitative and quantitative observation tool to study root and hyphal growth, longevity and distribution in situ or mesocosms experiments.

The use of Minirhizotron Imaging Technique for non-destructive images of roots and the rhizosphere can determine a variety of parameters, enabling to study root and rhizosphere processes and the related ecosystem and biogeochemical processes. It is able to continuously monitor roots and root circumference in situ without interfering with the process of fine root growth.

Working principle: DTC-MS200 Minirhizotron (MR) systems are composed of imaging device, Minirhizotron, Soil coring set, image analysis software and other components. The imaging camera is inserted into the Minirhizotron embedded around the root system, and the root image is captured and imprinted by the control module. Then the mixed images are analyzed by using the professional root analysis software system pre-installed on the computer, so as to track the growth process of the mixed images in different seasons.

Features of the instrument:

  • Ultra-high resolution: 2500 dpi;
  • Suitable for various Minirhizotron with various installation angles, inner diameters and depths;
  • Collecting and automatically processing scene images, storing more than 20,000 images;
  • Fast high imaging speed (<1s);
  • Accurate and powerful indexing system;
  • 2x3w Cob LED (adjustable interface strength);
  • 12V (3A) power supply system, allowing 8-12 hours of field operation;
  • Fixed-point, continuous observation of the dynamic changes of the root system throughout the growing season;
  • Quick analysis of relevant parameters of roots (root length, perimeter, surface area, volume, number of root tips, diameter, etc.).
  • Monitoring analysis parameters: Fine root length, diameter, color and survival status etc.
  • Image size: 31 mm x 24 mm(7cm MR)
  • Image pixel: 8.1 million pixels,3280 x 2464 px; 2500 dpi
  • Image format: *.jpg
  • Imaging time: 0.8s
  • Light source: 2 x 3 w Cob LED(adjustable interface strength)
  • Operation module: Keyboard, laptop (optional Bluetooth remote trigger)
  • Image output: USB interface
  • User interface: DECHEM software(touch sensitive, operated by keyboard or mouse)
  • Power supply: 12V,3A with electricals(optional: built-in rechargeable battery)
  • Camera material: Durable aluminum case, anodized.
  • Camera weight: 420g
  • Camera size: 170mm
  • Connection of camera and user interface: HDMI cable, up to 7m.
  • Dividing head: Aluminum,100mm*175mm,1.2kg
  • UI module: 345mm*285mm*105mm
  • Control module function: The control system includes power switch, optical zoom in and out switch of imaging head, switch of ultraviolet light source, and fine-tuning switch of imaging focal length.
  • Scale handle: Aluminum,25mm*25mm*1010mm,appx.670g,up to 5 handles can be connected.
  • Minirhizotron size: External diameter 70mm, internal diameter 64mm, wall thickness 3mm, length 1m and 2m.(customizable length)
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Minirhizotron System
Minirhizotron System