Project Description

Cleverchem WinEye

Infrared analyser FTIR and UV-Vis
(Manual and Automatic version)

Provides simultaneously IR, UV and Visible absorbance spectra

Specially designed for analysis in: maturity control, harvest reception, musts and fermenting musts, sparkling wines, finished wines, natural sweet wines.

Suitable for laboratory and harvest reception work. At the reception, possibility of connecting the filtration unit MostoNet®.

  • 120 samples/hour.
  • Sample temperature regulated by Peltier effect.
  • Online prefiltration and degassing.
  • Specific measure cell.
  • Possibility to analyse samples where CO2 is present.
  • Automatic rinsing.
  • Management of urgent samples.
  • Flow-cell standardization.
  • Automatic adjustment of calibrations.
  • Results transmission by LAN or RS232.
  • Specific programme for Oenology, easy and intuitive.
  • The modular and compact design allows easy move and place in the laboratory or in reception.
  • Quality index at harvest reception configurable by the user.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Simple operation, no need of qualified personnel.
  • Material delivered with all calibrations available for wines and musts:
  • FTIR measure: Alcohol, pH, Total Acidity, Sugars, Volatile Acidity, Malic, Lactic, Gluconic, assimilable Nitrogen, degrees Baumé, Brix, etc.
  • UV-Vis measure: Colour Intensity, Modified Colour Intensity, Hue, TPI (Official Methods), Ascorbic Acid, etc.
  • Permanent analytical and technical advice by Oenological specialists for over 25 years.
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